Source code for pluggy._result

Hook wrapper "result" utilities.
import sys

def _raise_wrapfail(wrap_controller, msg):
    co = wrap_controller.gi_code
    raise RuntimeError(
        "wrap_controller at %r %s:%d %s"
        % (co.co_name, co.co_filename, co.co_firstlineno, msg)

[docs]class HookCallError(Exception): """Hook was called wrongly."""
[docs]class _Result: def __init__(self, result, excinfo): self._result = result self._excinfo = excinfo @property def excinfo(self): return self._excinfo @classmethod def from_call(cls, func): __tracebackhide__ = True result = excinfo = None try: result = func() except BaseException: excinfo = sys.exc_info() return cls(result, excinfo)
[docs] def force_result(self, result): """Force the result(s) to ``result``. If the hook was marked as a ``firstresult`` a single value should be set otherwise set a (modified) list of results. Any exceptions found during invocation will be deleted. """ self._result = result self._excinfo = None
[docs] def get_result(self): """Get the result(s) for this hook call. If the hook was marked as a ``firstresult`` only a single value will be returned otherwise a list of results. """ __tracebackhide__ = True if self._excinfo is None: return self._result else: ex = self._excinfo raise ex[1].with_traceback(ex[2])