Source code for pluggy._result

Hook wrapper "result" utilities.

from __future__ import annotations

from types import TracebackType
from typing import Callable
from typing import cast
from typing import final
from typing import Generic
from typing import Optional
from typing import Tuple
from typing import Type
from typing import TypeVar

_ExcInfo = Tuple[Type[BaseException], BaseException, Optional[TracebackType]]
ResultType = TypeVar("ResultType")

[docs] class HookCallError(Exception): """Hook was called incorrectly."""
[docs] @final class Result(Generic[ResultType]): """An object used to inspect and set the result in a :ref:`hook wrapper <hookwrappers>`.""" __slots__ = ("_result", "_exception") def __init__( self, result: ResultType | None, exception: BaseException | None, ) -> None: """:meta private:""" self._result = result self._exception = exception @property def excinfo(self) -> _ExcInfo | None: """:meta private:""" exc = self._exception if exc is None: return None else: return (type(exc), exc, exc.__traceback__) @property def exception(self) -> BaseException | None: """:meta private:""" return self._exception @classmethod def from_call(cls, func: Callable[[], ResultType]) -> Result[ResultType]: """:meta private:""" __tracebackhide__ = True result = exception = None try: result = func() except BaseException as exc: exception = exc return cls(result, exception)
[docs] def force_result(self, result: ResultType) -> None: """Force the result(s) to ``result``. If the hook was marked as a ``firstresult`` a single value should be set, otherwise set a (modified) list of results. Any exceptions found during invocation will be deleted. This overrides any previous result or exception. """ self._result = result self._exception = None
[docs] def force_exception(self, exception: BaseException) -> None: """Force the result to fail with ``exception``. This overrides any previous result or exception. .. versionadded:: 1.1.0 """ self._result = None self._exception = exception
[docs] def get_result(self) -> ResultType: """Get the result(s) for this hook call. If the hook was marked as a ``firstresult`` only a single value will be returned, otherwise a list of results. """ __tracebackhide__ = True exc = self._exception if exc is None: return cast(ResultType, self._result) else: raise exc.with_traceback(exc.__traceback__)
# Historical name (pluggy<=1.2), kept for backward compatibility. _Result = Result